Summer hockey school 2024

We offer 2 weeks in summer 2024, week 29 and week 31.
If you want to attend both weeks, we offer a 400 SEK discount on the second week.



When: Week 29, (Monday 15 July-Sunday 21 July)
Girls born 2006-2015 (exceptions may be granted)
School capacity:
170 including goalkeepers, divided into 5 groups depending on age and skill level
Boarding school SEK 5,200, Day student SEK 4,400, MV SEK 3,500



When: Week 31, (Sunday 28 July – Saturday 3 August)
Participants: Girls born 2006-2015 (exceptions may be granted)
Number of seats: 272 including goalkeepers, divided into 8 groups depending on age and skill level
Price: Boarding school SEK 5,200, Day student SEK 4,400, MV SEK 3,500



NOTE: The school is open to any and all, when registration starts!


Maria Rooth Summer Hockey School has become the largest and most liked girls hockey camp in Sweden and Europe, which we are very proud of! The summer of 2024 is the 18th year and counting, and this year we offer two weeks for the first time! The school is open to any and all! It is the 12th year we have the beautiful city of Halmstad as our home base. The concept of the school will remain the same no matter the location. Our goal is for each student to be seen and to leave the camp with more knowledge of the technical aspects of the game, and also feel inspired and motivated. The students are close to their role models since all the group leaders are females with extensive hockey backgrounds. We also want the students to get to know more female hockey players and remain friends after the camp!

Halmstad offers a high-end sports facility! Some years ago Halmstad put over 40 million dollars to create Halmstad Arena. It has 2 ½ ice sheets, an adventure water park and many indoor gyms and soccer fields. The facility therefore offers a wide range of fantastic training possibilities both on and off the ice.

The hockey school is as always only for girls! Maria Rooth is the head on-ice instructor and she is assisted by female national team players / SDHL players / NDHL players and coaches, female as well as male talented leaders, and prominent guests. During the 2010-11 season Maria was the assistant hockey coach for the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD Bulldogs) in USA; the same college she went to as a student 1999-2003. Maria gathered lots of knowledge that she now incorporates into the school in many different ways.

Lots of hockey and training, meeting role models, making friends for life from many countries, and other fun things will happen during the week.

Registration takes place in the afternoon on the forst day of school. The schedule will be posted here at a later date. Activities every day (except first and last day) will be going on between 8.00 AM until about 5-9 PM. Each group will in addition to the day schedule scrimmage one night of the week, and be a part of a night on the ice filled with fun! The school ends on the last day in the afternoon after a scrimmage and a closing ceremony.

Every day will include at least 2 ice sessions, 1-2 off-ice sessions and theory sessions.

The goalies will be offered extra sessions of specific goalie training. Goalies also pay a reduced fee!

We offer a variety of training methods where each student will get specific help with what she needs to improve. We find our inspiration from Sweden and Canada – the heart and home of hockey, but also from female college hockey in the U.S. During the week we bring in some talented sports people (coaches, hockey players, athletes) that will inspire the students to improve their own game.

Do you want to become a better hockey player and meet friends that share your passion? Then you are more than welcome to join our popular summer hockey school only for girls!




OG-Silver Medalist 2006
Assistant hockey coach UMD Bulldogs 2010-11
IIHF Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee 2015

Guests and coaches visiting the school throughout the years

We have had guests such as Henrik Lundqvist (NY Rangers), Joel Lundqvist, Tommy Salo, Ronnie Sundin, Anton Axelsson, Fredrik Pettersson, Mikael Johansson, Oscar Hedman (all Frölunda indians), Niclas Högberg, Peter Elander, Henrik Cedergren, Anders Palm, and Leif Boork (all National Team coaches). Also the former National team captain Erika Holst has visited the camp as a guest a couple of summers. Jonas Bergqvist, the Swedish hockey legend, visited the camp in 2014, and left the girls with some words of wisdom. 2015 we had many guest coaches such as Peter Elander, Stefan Bergqvist, Harry Rosenholtz, Ola Böös, Tenny Svensson and Mikael Gävstedt.

2016 we had a visit by Peter Elander, a college coach at Ohio University. Peter is the former college Head Coach of North Dakota, and also a former Swedish National Team Coach. Peter held ice sessions, just like Riikka Välilä from the Finnish National Team (Riikka is also elected into the IIHF Hall of Fame), Niclas Högberg previous National Team Coach, and Tenny Svensson from Rögle. Christian “Lillen” Yngve was the goalie coach for the fouth consecutive year. Among others, Caroline Jönsson, a former goalie for the Swedish National Team in soccer, held a theory session about sports psychology.

2017 Peter Elander made a visit again as a coach on the ice, as well as Niclas Högberg who coached at the camp for two days. We also had visits on the ice by Tim Brithén, Head Coach at Helsingborg men’s team, and Ola Böös, coach at Rögle U10. We also had a visit by Emil Andersson, a local nutritionist from Peak of Mind.

In 2018 we had visits from coaches who are passionate about helping girls reach far in ice hockey. The former college coach and National team coach Peter Elander was there to spread joy and knowledge. Tim Brithén, head coach of Helsingborg HC A-Lag ran two days of technical training. The Swedish Hockey Association’s hockey consultant Uffe Hall teached shooting, and one of our most experienced ice leaders, Camilla Sjöholm, ran some sessions with the girls. Last but not least, Rune Johansson from Halmstad held a session with each group. Christian “Lillen” Yngve took care of the goalkeepers. We had a nice visit in the form of national team wrestler Moa Nygren. Hockey performance was run by Anton Jonkman – much appreciated and a tough session as usual!

In 2019, Peter Elander was with us to inspire the girls. Ulf Hall, an ice hockey consultant at the Swedish Ice Hockey Association was also back to hold two sessions focusing on goal scoring. Sara Ridderlund, Head of Hockey in Nyköping, and Rebecca Höglund, player in SSK Dam also had ice sessions with all the groups, very much appreciated! Mikael Melander made his debut as Goalie coach, and he took 20 goalies under his wings. As usual, we did tough physical training in the form of boxing and wrestling, but also hockey performance by CrossFit Ängelholm.

2020 – school was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic.

2021 we once again arranged the school in beautiful Halmstad, mopstly as a day camp due to the Corona-pandemic. We had an excellent week with awesome guest coaches such as Joakim <engström (Head coach HV71 SDHL), Heini Lundin (Head coach Göteborg SDHL), Sara Ridderlund (Project Leader Stockholm Hockey Association), Tim Brithén (TV-Pucken Head Coach and Jonstorp Head Coach), and Oskar Bondesson (Youth Coach). We also had popluar off-ice activities such as wrestling and boxing and cross-fit.

In 2022, for the first time ever, we could arrange a school with 260 students. WOW is the word! We had amazing leaders who went above and beyond for every single student (of course!). We had some great coaches who were with us for several days such as Sara Ridderlund and Magnus Blårand. Skating lessons were offered by Nina Nässén, then we had guest coaches in the form of the college coach Peter Elander, Heini Lundin and Jim Brithén. For off-ice training, we had various instructors visit us, including Crossfit from Halmstad, wrestling with Moa and Olivia and running training with Maria Mossberg.