School advantages

Why choose Maria Rooth Summer Hockey School?

The school is only for girls, so the girls will experience an extremely fun and inspiring week with like-minded friends. During the week the girls get many new friends, they learn a lot, and become inspired to continue to work hard to develop and dream big.

The school has only female leaders around the groups, each with a unique and genuine background which gave them incredible knowledge of how to train and motivate girls. Many of the leaders comes from the Swedish women’s team, and they have been greatly appreciated by both players and parents. The leaders make sure that all girls feel “seen”, which we consider one of our most important tasks! Ice hockey is a team sport where friendship and respect for teammates is a must. This is also a reason we are giving out an award at the end of the week to “The friend of the week”, among other awards.

We know how to train girls! We have all the knowledge required to make the girls into future stars. We are passionate about teaching hockey to curious girls who want to become better in their sport. We guarantee a wonderful week with a lot of fun.