Nominated as "The inspiration of the year" in 2018

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Maria has a long international career that entails everything from competing with boys, college titles that resulted in repeated meetings and smalltalk with the President of the United States, lots of national games and championships. Maria has fought all her life to get respect in a male dominated sport, where women do not have an obvious place. High-level goals, a lot of training and a desire to become the best resulted in a successful career she loves to talk about.


Maria shares her thoughts and experiences from her travels and career, ranging from the high dose of training, the highs and the lows, to how to reach the top once you have set your mind to it. With the inner driving force and the desire to succeed, it will be easier to implement something. Whether it is about reaching a dream job, losing weight, or succeeding in reaching a goal. Maria wants to inspire and engage in something that concerns many through her amazing journey as an ice hockey player at the highest level in the world for women. Maria will tailor the presentation to suit the customer’s needs.

A selection of clients

Maria Rooth holds an inspiring lecture on goal achievement despite structural equality barriers. Taking her advice and comments based on sport and applying it to work life or personal life is valuable. Allergon has a continuous ongoing work for gender equality with all people's equal value and the same rights. Maria's well-formulated and accurate presentation about her respectful journey, focusing on the individual's development in a team independent of differences, became the year's most relevant commentary on our work.

Kajsa Bringle,
Marketing Director Allergon AB

Maria is incredibly exciting to listen to and her journey and mindset about goal fulfillment & equality can inspire anyone in sports, work life, and private life. The flashback from the various events in her hockey career gives goose bumps from top to toe, and although Maria has received many great awards, she is very down to earth. Five out of five stars!

Sofia Persson
Event Coordinator, Halmstad Municipality

Thank you for a great presentation. What a girl you are! Wise, insightful and eloquent. The Swedish language is beautiful to listen to, when someone manages to use it as you do. All children and young people should have the opportunity to hear you. It could be a motor in their future lives, because what you said can be applied in all contexts. Set goals, aim towards your goals, focus, and enjoy fun. Then you become a winner. You are a great model for young people!

Monica Bengtsson Mölle/Arild RC