Memorable moments

In May 2015 I was elected as the first Swedish woman into the International Ice Hockey Hall of Fame (HoF IIHF). I experienced an incredible honor and memorable ceremony down in Prague in the Czech Republic during the Men’s Ice Hockey World Championships. The other amazing people who were elected were: Dominik Hasek, Robert Reichel, Scott Niedermayer, Fran Rider, Monique Scheier-Schneider (Paul Loicq Award), and Richard “Bibi” Torriani award went to Lucio Topatigh.

After all three NCAA wins, we were invited to the White House in Washington to be honored by President George W. Bush. As the team captain I got to hand over our gift in the form of a Bulldog jersey to Bush, and also got the opportunity to have some small talk with one of the most powerful leaders in the world at the time. An incredible memory that I will always carry with me.

My four Olympics! Athletes from around the world gather to compete for their own and their nation’s honor. There is a time and place to make history and peace between people and countries. It’s three weeks when the air is full of concentration, fun, pride, disappointment and heartfelt emotions. The Olympics is definitely worth all the hard work; all hours in the gym, on the ice and in the gym.

On February 22, 2003 I set the UMD school record for points made (both men and women) by one goal and one assist in the game against Bemidji State. I finished my college career with a total of 232 points, including 119 goals.