Practical information

Address: Halmstad Arena, Växjövägen 11, 302 44 Halmstad SWEDEN
Click here for a map.


Is right in front of the arena. Signs will show you the way to the registration booths inside Halmstad Arena.


Luggage drop-off at the school:
Between 3-4 PM at Sannarpsskolan. For directions to the school, click here.


Registration / Opening ceremony / Closing ceremony:

Registration is at the arena between 2-5 PM on Sunday (week 30) in the arena. At registration you will receive a t-shirt, a water bottle, your accreditation and information about the week. Ice is open 30 minutes per group (see schedule that will be uploaded shortly). The dressing rooms will be marked with group names, and after registration you will know where to drop off your hockey equipment. NO OPENING CEREMONY will take place this year.
The closing of the camp will take place Saturday Aug 7th at the arena somewhere. We will eat lunch and summarize the camp and hand out some prizes. The school is over at the latest at 3 PM.


The meals will be served at the school, except for the snacks which will be at the rink. There will be a café at the ice rink where we serve snacks such as homemade sandwiches and sweets, coffee, tea, soft drinks, candy etc.


We will NOT be able to offer a bank for the students this year. Money, cell phones and other valuables that are left at the school or in the locker room, Maria Rooth Summer Hockey School is not responsible for.


Do not forget:
Your equipment and sticks, hockey socks, plasters (Compeed), rehydration, running shoes*2, training clothes, towels x2, golf-ball or something similar for off-ice training, off-ice stick, skate guards, pocket money for snacks, a rain jacket/poncho.


If we decide to do photos with the student, Maria, and the student’s group leaders, those photos can be bought at the camp (100 SEK). This you will pre-pay and order during camp, and the pictures will be sent after school through e-mail.


Group changes:
The leaders of the hockey school have the right to make necessary group changes.


Skate sharpening:
Skate sharpening can be done upon request. It is a good idea to have the skates sharpened and ready to go before the camp starts! Also, in case you have new skates, please make sure you try them at home before the camp!


Extra information boarding students:
Boarding students will sleep in class rooms at a school 5 minutes walking distance from the rink. There will be a couple of “moms and dads” that will be in charge of the school. When the school starts you will get their phone numbers for emergencies. You need to bring a blow-up mattress, covers, sheets, and a small towel to have at the school.


Schedules can be found here at a later date.


Maria Rooth Clothing collection:
“Maria Rooth Clothing Line 2021” will be on display and for sale  on the opening day. Later on, the clothes will be located outside the café at the rink (3rd floor). We sell hoodies, zip-hoodies, jogging pants, t-shirts, shorts etc.


Contact person:
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact